Are you thinking to join Ashtanga yoga classes in london?

At that point you’re in the correct place. Initially, Yotopia and our group cordially welcome you. We’re anticipating meet you and enable you to build up your yoga hone. We’re enthusiastic about acquainting individuals with the ashtanga, self practice technique, since we initially began it. We trust that the self practice strategy is a standout amongst the most significant and finest approaches to develop a long lasting yoga hone. The everyday routine with regards to the Ashtanga yoga creates immense advantages. The physical benefits that this practice yields comprise most basically in fortifying and conditioning the body. Mental and enthusiastic advantages follow specialists to get to a method of non-response because of the different encounters of torment that emerge from molded presence. The mental pro’s of Ashtanga yoga practice comprise in the advancement of a non-absolutist openness to ourselves and our environment. Yotopia holds the first rank in London  for  yoga classes. Rest ,you’ll discover everything about ashtanga yoga classes on our  website, you  just have to think about beginning and  check timetable of  our ashtanga yoga classes and join today to become as fit as fiddle.

Ashtanga Yoga

“Ashtanga” actually implies eight appendages. They are portrayed by Patanjali as: Yama (forbearances), Niyama (observances), Asana (stances), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (focus), Dhyana (reflection), and Samadhi (consideration). These branches bolster each other. Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic frame comprises of set of groupings. Every movement during Ashtanga yoga is synchronized to breath. Postures spill out of one to the following, creating a detoxifying heat in the body and purifying the sensory system, evacuating poisons, keeping the mind quiet and centered while the body supple, solid, light and free.


The Benefits of Hot Yoga in monotonous lifestyle

In tech-savvy world, due to passive lifestyle people suffer from obesity, anxiety and many health issues like heart attack, colon and breast cancer. Many research studies have shown that any kind of physical activity helps to reduce such problems of Sedentary Lifestyle.  Hot Yoga acts as the best physical and mental exercise.  There are immense postures in Hot Yoga. Here we will discuss Pro’s of hot yoga:

1. Increases robustness: A regular practice will develop a balanced level of strength. Strength that goes beyond the ability to practice more, and revive you.

2. Helps in weight loss: The intensified cardiovascular benefit of practicing in the heat helps to reduce weight .The reduction in weight automatically makes you hale and hearty.

3. Improves mood: Feeling low?  Hot Yoga is an eminent way to bring positive vibes into your life and bring you back to life.

4. Detoxifies the body: One of the key-advantage of hot yoga is the detoxifying in form of sweat. It feels so great to sweat out of each pore of your body. You feel so rejuvenated.

5. Releases stress:  Spending some hours performing stretching poses acts as stress-buster. You may come across complications at workplace, at home, or any other aspect of your life, you will feel charmed in the wake of sweating it out in the hot room.

6. Increases self-esteem:  The perspiration in hot room makes you feel diverting about yourself. Taking care of your body, mind and soul all at once by practicing hot yoga elevate your morale.


Yoga – “Union With The Divine”

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that actually means “Union With The Divine”.
The energy that is produced while doing yoga rises from the base of the spine and reaches the top of the head taking the practitioner to a state of self -awareness and thus they can get closer to self-realisation.

The stretching training done in yoga were designed thousands of years ago.
Yoga helps us to get control over our own body and mind to make our body and soul stress free.

Some points to enhance your yoga practice:
1. Find a peaceful place –
you must look for a quiet place which is not intruded frequently. This tranquil corner can be in your house or in a near by park or you can choose to come to a professional Yoga training studio like Yotopia.

2. Sit in a restful place-
sit in a place that is comfortable for you. You can sit upright in a chair. Remove your shoes and keep your feet slightly apart. Keep both the palms on your knees, open. It is not necessary to sit on the floor if you are not in the habit of it. If you are comfortable to sit on the floor then it is better.

3. Become aware of your environs-
Close your eyes and try to feel your surroundings. First feel the things around you and then direct your attention inside, to the base of your spine.

4. Find peace-
sit in this position for a few minutes. Try and forget about everything else. Just be with yourself.

  • Benefits of hot yoga
    Stress buster
    Uplifts mood
    Fights anxiety
    Improves memory
    Keeps you happy
    An excuse to see friends
    Can cure backache

Arthritis: Here is the Solution

If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, yoga can help you get rid of it. Yoga and stretching can prevent stiff joints and benefit the heart and bones.

Here are some exercises for you that can help overcome arthritis and even anxiety that occurs die to pain and discomfort.

Chair stand
This helps build up leg muscles. Try to sit on a normal height chair and stand. Also use your arms to balance. Begin with 6 at a time and you can increase it gradually. As you get stronger, try to control more with your legs and less with arms. When you feel you are comfortable, lower the height of the chair.

Everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga relaxation techniques like Nidra promotes healthy immune system and reduces joint inflammation. Stretching is good for maintaining mobility and movement. You can go to a yoga center in London and ask for free counseling. You need to avoid power yoga, hot yoga and Vinyasa yoga. These put excess pressure on your joints.

Walking is a good exercise and should be done with moderate intensity. The sessions can be adjusted according to comfort. You will build endurance if you walk for longer periods but 10 minutes session is enough initially.

Water workouts
Walking in a shallow pool that is 4 feet deep can also work wonders for arthritis patients. You could also use a water belt that prevents the pressure on your hips, knees and ankles.

Stretching is also a good option for patients with arthritis. Yoga centers in London also helps you do stretching exercises. The best yoga centers in London will guide you and suggest the best regime meant for you.

Pilates is good for strengthening the muscles. Yotopia has the best trainers for Pilates in London.

Yoga is a fun alternative to swimming, walking, weight lifting and even cycling. Yoga helps you maintain your weight and also become stronger by strengthening your muscles. It does not put any pressure on your joints and thus its great for people with arthritis. It also makes you fit and you are less likely to get heart disease or anxiety.

Yoga helps you to feel better. The relaxation techniques help you to deal with any problem in a positive way.

Ashtanga Yoga Studio in London

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Yoga is a form of exercise that harmonizes the body with the breath. There is an intimate relation between the body and the breath. Each and every asana focuses on holding of breath. Yoga can release tension, tone muscles, lubricate joints, increase blood circulation and helps to control weight. Yoga also results in a balanced nervous system. It controls blood pressure. It also controls sugar level.ashtanga-yoga

Yoga is very good for our mind. Yoga calms restless thoughts. It promotes inner peace. It also promotes self-awareness. Ashtanga yoga in London is considered to be the best remedy for anxiety and depression. Most people are suffering from anxiety these days. The busy life-style and work culture leaves no time for exercise. The best way is to join a yoga studio in London. The hot yoga benefits are numerous. It keeps your body in shape and also balances the mind.

Ashtanga yoga synchronizes the breath with the postures. It releases intense heat that is trapped inside the body. It helps you sweat and detoxify. It is a vinyasa yoga that combines a series of postures. The focus is on the breath.

The students practice a set or asanas and also use bandhas and drishti. You would learn about these once you join a yoga class in London. Yoga also improves blood circulation. It also removes pains. The sweating also removes the toxins from the body.

Ashtanga means eight limbs. It refers to the eight limbs in the yoga sutra that includes guidelines, postures, breath, concentration and meditation. These eight limbs are guidelines on how to live a meaningful life.

There are innumerable benefits of yoga. From reduced stress, increased flexibility, good immune system, positive outlook to improved sleep. Yoga helps in better blood circulation. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and many more. But remember this is not a short-term process. It needs regular training and dedication. Only then can you anticipate results.

Here are a few tips for ashtanga yoga lovers

  • Try to follow a regular regime
  • Yoga needs patience
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol and try to keep away from processed food
  • Sleep well
  • Eat healthy
  • Don’t push too far
  • Try to start with only thrice a week
  • The breathing technique is very important for yoga

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Learn How Hot Yoga can Change Your Life

I was in a soup three years back. Everything seemed upside down. I was ready to do anything to get myself out of it. I could feel the rhythm going away and everything slipping out of my control. I felt lonely and heartbroken.

I made friends to keep myself busy. Some of them shifted to another place while others were often busy. I also got involved online, which is a hit thing now-a-days but that didn’t work to get me out of depression.

One of my friends invited me for a hot yoga class. I had been to a yoga class but never had a chance to try hot yoga. My life had become so boring so I thought that I could give it a try. I knew it wont be easy but I was ready to accept a challenge, if it was for my betterment.

90 minutes of heat, 90 minutes of sweat, 90 minutes of concentration but I felt on top of the world after that. I never imagined that I would come out of it so soon. After a month I was changing and so was my body.

The compliments started pouring in and I felt so positive. I did not need any medication or therapy to keep myself going. The heat in the yoga class was doing it. I sweat out all my negativity and was left with all good thoughts after the class.

I could feel the change, both physically and emotionally. I could face the toughest situation without any stress. I feel confident and more powerful. I have started loving myself. I can also see that my posture has improved.

Hot yoga made those difficult postures easy. It helped me sweat out toxins and feel better. It has a lot of advantages over a normal yoga class. The heat opens up your muscles making you more flexible. You could also opt for a weekly or bi-weekly hot yoga class.

Finally I am in control of my life. Yoga has helped me to look at things differently. All it takes is a yoga mat, a little time out of your busy schedule and a little effort to reach the best yoga class in London. You will feel calmer and more balanced. You will experience a whole new you, full of life and positivity.

If yoga is not for you then read on

“I am not flexible”

“I will never be able to do handstands”

140601 Yotopia Ltd London

“I can’t believe my eyes when I see people with their legs behind their head”

If you said this statement then this article is for you. There are a few tips for the people who think they cant do yoga but they can.

A Little Homework Helps

If you find it difficult to keep up with the poses in the class, try to do a few of them at home. I can understand that it’s quite difficult to see everyone around you doing it so smoothly and you are still struggling. Learn at your own pace but try to carry a few poses home. Here I mean that you can practice a few at home when you get time.

Explore the World of Yoga

There is a lot of discussion on the web. You can even explore YouTube videos to find more and more about yoga. There are question and answer forums. You can also ask your guide about the questions that come to your mind. Once you get the basic idea, you are ready for the next step.

See The Greener Side of It

Yoga may seem to be difficult initially but you need to see the greener side of it to keep going. Do not consider it as a chore. Find out the poses that make you feel good. Repeat them often during the day to feel great. You may need to stretch and go beyond your comfort zone but try to recollect the good that has come out of it.

What You Sow, So Shall You Reap

You have to be very patient with yourself. You just cannot expect miracles. Practice takes you a long way. Just give yourself ten minutes and watch for yourself. If you persevere you shall reach there.

Well, on talking to one of the trainers at Yotopia, the best yoga center in London, she said that she couldn’t afford private lessons and was so demotivated. She was overweight and unhappy with herself. She just started with some standing and bending exercises and then never thought of looking back. It wasn’t a smooth going but she would always look for the positive side of it. Not only did she improve her appearance but also her state of mind.

So you might be not flexible and having a zero balance but just turn up to the mat and that means that you have already won half the battle.