What are the Different Levels of Yoga Classes?

Level 1

This level is for the beginners. In this level you learn the basics of yoga. Yotopia regularly runs this course where the student is introduced to the basics of breathing, movement and posture. This is a great way of learning the basics, in a structured way where you can see your progress throughout the course. This course can also be undertaken by experts to go back to level one and reconnect with the basics. In This level the classes would be simple and not too pushy keeping in mind your comfort level. You would be explained how to get in and out of every pose. This is a very delicate stage and you will get dedicated teachers in a very few centers like Yotopia. These classes will progress very slowly and a lot of guidance would be needed at every step. If you keep minute details in mind, you would be able to progress faster. Your stamina will also develop with practice.

Level 2

In this level, the workout is more intense. The teacher introduces more challenging asanas and backbends. You can come to this level only after clearing the introductory or level 1. Here you need a lot of yoga practice. The classes are more aerobic. In a good yoga Centre like Yotopia , the teaches analyses the students and can assess if they are being pushed too hard. You can take a rest in between if you feel uncomfortable. You will be trained for head stand and arm stand.

Level 3

This level is the most advanced level. The teacher’s role is reduced as the students reach a level of expertise. The teacher assumes that the students know and understand the correct position for every pose. The classes will proceed in a flow and comparatively quicker. A lot of strength is required for a level 3 classes. It will have a lot of aerobic component. However the teachers required for conducting these classes should be masters in this field. The classes would be flowing with energy and sweat. You must ensure that you stay safe and healthy. You must see if you have enough strength and flexibility.

Yotopia has an expert panel to see which level of yoga is suitable for you. You can join and see yourself growing from level 1 to level 3, from newbie to an expert.