Important Things you must know about Yin Yoga!

On my visit to UK, I was passing through Mercer Street, London, where I saw a mob of people who were so chirpy. They sounded enthusiastic and were getting ready for something big!

My first opinion was that they all have come to watch a movie. On inquiring I discovered that these are yogis. This seemed to be the hottest date in town. I had never seen such a crowd of enthusiasts who were not worried to stretch their muscles and sweat out.

I became a part of this crowd and could not resist inquiring about these yoga classes. What a wide choices they offered? I was amazed to go through the whole menu. This was a considerable change for me. Going to the local gym and only having two classes a week and here you name it and they have it. Yin yoga, Pilates and hot yoga, etc., etc.,… indeed a vast menu. So now I had no choice rather to become a yogi.

The class started and I was explained the ‘tatvas’ or principles of yin yoga. How time flew and the class came to an end. Now I understood why wasn’t the crowd worried to sweat out. With this kind of experience, everybody would wait for the next class. How the advice of the instructor echoed in my mind. How to listen to our body and stay still in a position for long, I felt completely transformed after the class.

I reached home so refreshed as if I had done nothing. I found a blend of science, anatomy, philosophy and wisdom. The class was topped with fine jokes and beautiful smiles which helped me in easy digestion of the asanas.

Practice of yin yoga trains us to slow down. It also trains us to pay attention and listen to our body. Yin yoga is quite flexible. You can do the yin poses while watching TV or even working on the computer. Yin yoga is not meant to be comfortable. You have to step out of that comfort zone to grab the benefits of it.

I had lost my hips normal range of movement but hope to regain it soon with yin yoga. After all I have counted this as an investment and not expenditure. I am waiting for my next yin yoga class and that dragon and swan asanas and to meet my friends who would be waiting for me at the next yoga class at Yotopia.