Top Advantages of Attending Jivamukti Yoga Class

Jivamukti yoga has evolved in recent times. It is basically concerned with awareness of your surroundings and your inner self. It is a combination of the modern and the traditional yoga. Yoga, if done religiously has many benefits.



The practice of yoga results in improvement in flexibility. In this type of yoga, the poses are done more intensely and thus it improves the muscles and elasticity.

Improves the Happiness Quotient

As the exercises involve breathing and meditation, there is overall improvement in health. The person is in peace with his own innerself.

Involves Whole Body

Jivamukti yoga is the perfect choice for the exercising the whole body. Some poses stress on the abdominal muscles while other on the limbs. Since the whole body is involved, it leads to strengthening the muscular system on the whole.

Improves Concentration

Yoga is said to have magical effects when it comes to mental health. It not only fights anxiety and stress but also improves concentration. The breathing techniques also help in improving concentration.

Fights anxiety

All forms of yoga help to fight stress and anxiety. It helps in increased release of feel good hormones. People relate yoga to only physical health whereas there is a lot more to it.

Transforms you

There are few effects, which can be seen physically, but there are numerous effects, which can only be felt. When you are happy, positive, physically fit and full of energy, it is obvious that a “new you” can be discovered.

Me time

Yoga time is “me time”. You can spend this time with yourself or in the company you like. You get to socialize and meet like-minded people. When you meet positive people you feel fresh through out the day.

Jivamukti yoga helps to uplift mood. It helps to discover your innerself. It helps to cure mental disorders like stress and anxiety. It helps in keeping away depression. It also helps in increasing concentration. You are in a good company. With experts in good yoga centers like Yotopia, you become an expert in yoga resulting in increased flexibility.

Yoga is the best time to distress yourself and keep yourself away from your phone and other office and home-related stress. You come close to nature and yourself. Going to Yotopia may unlock your mind and make you positive and innovative.