Tips For Yoga Beginners

If you think yoga is not for, then think again!!!

If you always thought that yoga is only for people who are very flexible and it is all about touching your toes and pushing yourself for those difficult stretches, you are wrong. Yoga is all about uniting your body and soul through simple breathing and meditation techniques thus bringing you in peace with your inner self. The journey of yoga is easy and enjoyable.

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A Perfect Teacher

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to look for a perfect teacher. He should be an expert. A good teacher enhances your yoga experience. The chances of injury also reduced. A lesson well begun is half done. So follow this motto and find a good teacher for yourself in a reputed yoga center.

Take the help of an Expert

A good yoga center appoints experts to customise your package. You can explain if you have any medical condition and the asanas can be planned accordingly. You maybe suffering from some physical ailment like back pain or cervical, and thus you cannot practice all the asanas. You need a customised package.

Dress Comfortably

Wear comfortable clothes while going for your yoga class. The clothes should not be very loose and hanging around as they could get in the way of your yoga practice. Neither should they be tight. Wear perfect attire meant for exercising. Avoid wearing jewelry.


Be regular. The best way to be regular is to fix a time. Try to fix up early morning, as you are a beginner. You are fresh and full of energy. If it is not possible for you to spare time in the morning, then you can keep it any time of the day. But try to be regular.

Warm up

Do a little warm up exercises before hitting the mat. A good yoga center helps you with that. They do a little warm up exercises before starting yoga.

Don’t push too hard

Do only as much you can do comfortably. Stretch just a little at a time. Go slightly beyond your comfort zone to keep the challenge on. You can also adopt and learn new asanas as you progress.

Remember; do not compare yourself with others. Yoga should be practice on an empty stomach so eat at-least 2-3 hours before you go for it. Drink lots of water. Recharge between asanas by relaxing a bit. Wait patiently for results.


How Does Bikram Yoga Burn Calories?

Are you one of them who want to know why is London suddenly going crazy for Bikram Yoga? And how effective this so called Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga is when it comes to burring calories? This write-up by Yoga expert team of Yotopia may help you find many answers. Moreover, you will also come to know if Bikram Yoga is suitable for you or not!

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• Bikram Yoga is the new hot

Bikram Yoga is the trendiest form of Yoga these days and for all the good reasons! One, it is done in a hygienically and properly heated room, thus you will sweat a lot in your 60 or 90 minute of class. This sweating will help you release many toxins and avail exceptional healthy benefits.

• 26 Hatha Yoga postures

A typical Bikram Yoga class includes doing 26 Hatha Yoga postures in an effective sequence. These postures help to increase strength as well as flexibility. And they are as good as cardiovascular fitness regime!

• Calories burnt in Bikram Yoga class

Enrolling in a scientifically designed Bikram Yoga class will give you significant calorie loss. Imagine doing strenuous 26 Hatha Yoga postures in a studio heated up to 105 degrees and humidity going as low as 40%!  To be specific, you can burn anywhere between 500-700 calories easily in an hour. And if you do it for 90 minutes and that too with full gusto and energy, you can burn 100 calories in such a session.

• Other health benefits

Bikram Yoga is very good otherwise as well. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga is a not environment increases muscle strength and improves blood circulation. When done under expert supervision, Bikram Yoga contributes to overall fitness and restoring the health of all joints and muscles. It also helps in building your core strength and helps you fight stress, increased cholesterol level as well as high blood pressure.

• Bikram Yoga tips

Since you will be practicing Yoga in a heated room, do not forget to drink more water during your entire day. Do not forget to discuss your experience with the trainers and the Studio head in case you feel dizziness, nausea or headache owing to excessive heat in the Yoga studio.

5 Benefits You will Get Only from Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is the hot word of fitness today. It is doing the most scientific postures in a hygienically heated room so that one releases body toxins in the form of sweat. Before you enroll for a Hot Yoga class, make sure that the studio is heated in a tropical-kind of manner so that the room becomes hot enough for you to sweat. But it should not be unbearable hot and properly ventilated so that air circulation happens. Otherwise, your body may not adjust with the increased heat in the beginning. What makes Yoga so popular is the astonishing results it produces.

Some of the exclusive benefits associated with Hot Yoga are –

1. Detoxification

– Imagine yourself doing exercises in heated ambiance that makes you sweat out all your toxins. Heavy sweating will flush out all toxins from the skin which will further help your body relax and increase your body metabolism.

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Yoga For Body Detoxification

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Go for Bikram Yoga – Knowing its Super 7 Aspects!

Bikram Yoga is the buzzword with fitness freaks all over the world. Yoga as such has been gaining popularity in last two decades for its amazing benefits in achieving fitness and contributing to overall health and wellness. Perceived as a complete fitness product in recent times, Bikram Yoga has no parallel when it comes to stretching, detoxifying, relieving stress, toning, and healing many kinds of muscular pains. Losing weight and slimming happens way too wonderfully and with a long-term impact. Bikram Yoga is one of the form derived from Hot Yoga. But before you enroll for Bikram Yoga, here is a super 7 list that would help you understand the wonderful world of this new fitness format –

It’s Going To Be Hot

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is done in a sauna hot room where the temperature might be more than 100 degree! Though these rooms are properly ventilated and have a steady flow of oxygen, it is very important to adept to the temperature because this heat is going to do wonders to your system and get your heart pumping.
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