The Difference Between Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga

All styles of yoga are beneficial for you but for a more clear picture lets see the difference between ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga.

If you are high-energy and fond of running, cycling, climbing and sweating then Ashtanga yoga is for you. It is challenging, quick and the perfect way to exercise the whole body.

You must be ready to sweat since Yotopia also offers hot classes. Don’t forget to wear sweat absorbent clothes to avoid a puddle on your mat.

Ashtanga yoga mostly involves a set sequence of exercises in the same order. You can also make the most of it by practicing at home.


Both these styles are excellent for your body and mind. You could practice a mix of all styles of yoga. Some focus on tough asanas and are meant only for experts while others can be done by all irrespective of their expertise.

Hatha means ha-sun and tha-moon. It concentrates largely on asana. They are the third amongst the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga. Some yoga centers use ashtanga yoga for slow paced classes that are for beginners. Here the emphasis is on the asana.

In hatha yoga, you hold the asana for long. There is also emphasis on breathing while holding an asana.

Ashtanga yoga is a quicker paced style than Hatha yoga. The emphasis is on the breathing within the asana and in transitions or between asanas. You could also attendAshtangaVinyasa class to understand that it is a flowing form of yoga with smooth transitions from one pose to next.

Most of the yoga classes include relaxation and meditation segment.

If you are looking for a slow paced yoga class then Hatha yoga is probably for you. If you are looking for a more challenging form then Ashtanga yoga is for you. A good yoga teacher will never push you beyond your capacity. He will wait for your stamina to build up and at the same time your flexibility increases.

According to psychologists yoga soothes mind and relieves worries. Yoga helps to throw away unhealthy feelings.Because of socialization and meditation, yoga helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Yoga improves the overall health thus relieving you of expensive medicines.


Tips For Yoga Beginners

If you think yoga is not for, then think again!!!

If you always thought that yoga is only for people who are very flexible and it is all about touching your toes and pushing yourself for those difficult stretches, you are wrong. Yoga is all about uniting your body and soul through simple breathing and meditation techniques thus bringing you in peace with your inner self. The journey of yoga is easy and enjoyable.

Yotopia Pilates Studio

A Perfect Teacher

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to look for a perfect teacher. He should be an expert. A good teacher enhances your yoga experience. The chances of injury also reduced. A lesson well begun is half done. So follow this motto and find a good teacher for yourself in a reputed yoga center.

Take the help of an Expert

A good yoga center appoints experts to customise your package. You can explain if you have any medical condition and the asanas can be planned accordingly. You maybe suffering from some physical ailment like back pain or cervical, and thus you cannot practice all the asanas. You need a customised package.

Dress Comfortably

Wear comfortable clothes while going for your yoga class. The clothes should not be very loose and hanging around as they could get in the way of your yoga practice. Neither should they be tight. Wear perfect attire meant for exercising. Avoid wearing jewelry.


Be regular. The best way to be regular is to fix a time. Try to fix up early morning, as you are a beginner. You are fresh and full of energy. If it is not possible for you to spare time in the morning, then you can keep it any time of the day. But try to be regular.

Warm up

Do a little warm up exercises before hitting the mat. A good yoga center helps you with that. They do a little warm up exercises before starting yoga.

Don’t push too hard

Do only as much you can do comfortably. Stretch just a little at a time. Go slightly beyond your comfort zone to keep the challenge on. You can also adopt and learn new asanas as you progress.

Remember; do not compare yourself with others. Yoga should be practice on an empty stomach so eat at-least 2-3 hours before you go for it. Drink lots of water. Recharge between asanas by relaxing a bit. Wait patiently for results.

Upcoming Yoga Workshops in November

Mark your calendars as Yotopia has great workshops coming up in the month of November. Lets go through the details of each.


Yoga practice with Discipline and Energy.

Gong Bath and Meditation Workshop

The workshop would be held on 8th November 2015 at 2.30pm. to 4.00 pm. It is cleansing and purifying, detoxing, relaxing, and stimulating, depending on the state in which you arrive for your session. All that is required of you is to turn up, lie down, and chill out. You must experience the power of sound meditation. Let millions of vibrations flow through your senses. At the end of the workshop, you will feel awakened and relaxed. The workshop will make you believe that sound is the future of medicine.

Journey through the Chakras

The workshop would be held on 15th November 2015 at 2.15 pm to 5.15 pm. Each chakra corresponds to emotional and spiritual challenges that you may face in life. Many of the exercises and meditations are aimed at eliminating negative emotions associated with each of the chakras. This workshop offers you pragmatic tools to integrate chakra work into your daily life, including simple, powerful techniques to develop inner poise and keep your life in balance.

Feeling and Experience in Yoga Asana

The workshop would be held on 22nd November 2pm. To 5 pm. Caroline will guide you to tackle challenging poses. You get an insight on how to apply less effort and greater ability. In this workshop you would be learning how to move more efficiently. Yotopia will make your brain smarter and help you stay out of pain.

Mudras for Modern Life -The Power is in Your Hands

The workshop would be held on Sun, 29th November, 2pm to 5pm
This workshop is of particular interest to anyone who works on a computer, i.e. the general population. It includes practices that can help to prevent such problems as repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis.

Mudras (yoga hand gestures) work at the physical, subtle, psychological and spiritual levels. They are easy to do. Mudras are so powerful that regular practice can transform your life. They can help you to create inner peace and deep strength, eliminate fatigue and anxiety, protect your physical and emotional health, transcend stress and depression, reduce your guilt and anger, calm your mind, sharpen your intuition and promote happiness.

The asana class will include hand exercises that will not only enable you to practice mudras, but also help you to release tension in their fingers, hands, arms and shoulders.

Tips on Daily Ashtanga Yoga Practice

There are innumerable benefits of yoga. From reduced stress, increased flexibility, good immune system, positive outlook to improved sleep. Yoga helps in better blood circulation. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and many more. But remember this is not a short-term process. It needs regular practice and dedication. Only then can you expect results.


Here are a few tips for Ashtanga Yoga lovers

  • Regular Practice

    Plan a routine. Try to follow a regular regime. Fix up a time and make sure you are on the mat on time. Don’t expect miracles. Yoga needs patience. If you are regular, you will start feeling good since your body clock gets accustomed to it.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

    There are innumerable benefits of keeping oneself hydrated. Have warm water before you begin your exercise. Avoid alcohol and try to keep away from processed food.

  • Sleep Well

    If you sleep well you will be able to concentrate on your breath and enjoy yoga. If you practice yoga regularly, it leads to better sleep. So it’s vice a versa. Practice regularly and sleep well-sleep well and practice regularly.

  • Eat Healthy

    Avoid heavy meals at night. Include soups, vegetables, rice and curd in your meal. Do not avoid oils. It lubricates your joints. Eat everything but in adequate quantity. Anything in excess is bad. The body should get all nutrients and a balanced diet.

  • Don’t Push Too Far

    Do not force yourself. Be gentle. If you try to do everything on the first day, u will end up having a lot of pain. Be slow and gentle. Try to start with only thrice a week. Gradually you can increase the sessions as you get used to it.

  • Practice Asana

    Initially you need to practice only asana. You should know the complete do’s and don’ts of yoga. The breathing technique is very important for yoga. If you master this technique, rest will follow. While doing the asana Correct posture should be kept in mind.

  • Breathing Technique

    It is very important to breathe right. In certain asana you need to inhale while raising your arms and exhale while bringing them down. This was just an example. You need to know the breathing technique for each asana. You will learn this with practice only.

  • Get Used to Sweat

    Sweat and exercise are synonyms. If you are not used to sweating, you might not enjoy your yoga class. Sweating is a natural process and is useful for the body. If you are practicing the right breathing technique and pushing yourself to that edge, you are bound to sweat.

Detoxificaty your body through Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga has indeed emerged as a hot word of domestic vocabulary in the past few years. This is quite evident from the fact that right from the ashrams of India to the studios abroad, yoga has gained soaring popularity in every nook and cranny of the globe. As expected numerous cultures and philosophies have had an impact on yoga and this ancient art has evolved as contemporary and reflective of the modern way of life. Continue reading