Yoga has gained immense popularity and from common man to celebrities all are falling for the benefits of yoga. Yoga helps in maintaining a balance between physical, spiritual and mental health of a person.

Though Yoga is one of the prominent practice but, with time Yoga has evolved into different forms and one such form which has become strikingly appealing is ‘hot yoga’. It is much debated that what is the difference between the two? But, there is not much difference between apart, from the point that hot yoga is usually under a temperature of 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit along with humidity of 55-65 percent. The variant of temperature makes hot yoga more special than the normal yoga.

We already know how healthy is yoga and its benefits for the skin. But, hot yoga enhances metabolism of your body and detoxes the body that helps in reducing weight and enhances a person’s beauty.It is important to keep in mind that hot yoga cannot be done at home as you need a stipulated temperature to perform hot yoga.

In hot yoga the temperature and humidity under which one can easily do yoga exercises with lesser risk of injuring oneself. Since, the temperature is so high and a person is sweating a lot which helps in detoxing your body and aids weight reduction.

Under hot yoga, the temperature is soaring which absorbs higher energy levels and causes higher exhaustion levels for the beginners. So, people who are used to yoga and want to try something new with themselves can definitely try hot yoga to attain a hot bod.


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