Yoga – “Union With The Divine”

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that actually means “Union With The Divine”.
The energy that is produced while doing yoga rises from the base of the spine and reaches the top of the head taking the practitioner to a state of self -awareness and thus they can get closer to self-realisation.

The stretching training done in yoga were designed thousands of years ago.
Yoga helps us to get control over our own body and mind to make our body and soul stress free.

Some points to enhance your yoga practice:
1. Find a peaceful place –
you must look for a quiet place which is not intruded frequently. This tranquil corner can be in your house or in a near by park or you can choose to come to a professional Yoga training studio like Yotopia.

2. Sit in a restful place-
sit in a place that is comfortable for you. You can sit upright in a chair. Remove your shoes and keep your feet slightly apart. Keep both the palms on your knees, open. It is not necessary to sit on the floor if you are not in the habit of it. If you are comfortable to sit on the floor then it is better.

3. Become aware of your environs-
Close your eyes and try to feel your surroundings. First feel the things around you and then direct your attention inside, to the base of your spine.

4. Find peace-
sit in this position for a few minutes. Try and forget about everything else. Just be with yourself.

  • Benefits of hot yoga
    Stress buster
    Uplifts mood
    Fights anxiety
    Improves memory
    Keeps you happy
    An excuse to see friends
    Can cure backache

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