Arthritis: Here is the Solution

If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, yoga can help you get rid of it. Yoga and stretching can prevent stiff joints and benefit the heart and bones.

Here are some exercises for you that can help overcome arthritis and even anxiety that occurs die to pain and discomfort.

Chair stand
This helps build up leg muscles. Try to sit on a normal height chair and stand. Also use your arms to balance. Begin with 6 at a time and you can increase it gradually. As you get stronger, try to control more with your legs and less with arms. When you feel you are comfortable, lower the height of the chair.

Everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga relaxation techniques like Nidra promotes healthy immune system and reduces joint inflammation. Stretching is good for maintaining mobility and movement. You can go to a yoga center in London and ask for free counseling. You need to avoid power yoga, hot yoga and Vinyasa yoga. These put excess pressure on your joints.

Walking is a good exercise and should be done with moderate intensity. The sessions can be adjusted according to comfort. You will build endurance if you walk for longer periods but 10 minutes session is enough initially.

Water workouts
Walking in a shallow pool that is 4 feet deep can also work wonders for arthritis patients. You could also use a water belt that prevents the pressure on your hips, knees and ankles.

Stretching is also a good option for patients with arthritis. Yoga centers in London also helps you do stretching exercises. The best yoga centers in London will guide you and suggest the best regime meant for you.

Pilates is good for strengthening the muscles. Yotopia has the best trainers for Pilates in London.

Yoga is a fun alternative to swimming, walking, weight lifting and even cycling. Yoga helps you maintain your weight and also become stronger by strengthening your muscles. It does not put any pressure on your joints and thus its great for people with arthritis. It also makes you fit and you are less likely to get heart disease or anxiety.

Yoga helps you to feel better. The relaxation techniques help you to deal with any problem in a positive way.


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