If yoga is not for you then read on

“I am not flexible”

“I will never be able to do handstands”

140601 Yotopia Ltd London

“I can’t believe my eyes when I see people with their legs behind their head”

If you said this statement then this article is for you. There are a few tips for the people who think they cant do yoga but they can.

A Little Homework Helps

If you find it difficult to keep up with the poses in the class, try to do a few of them at home. I can understand that it’s quite difficult to see everyone around you doing it so smoothly and you are still struggling. Learn at your own pace but try to carry a few poses home. Here I mean that you can practice a few at home when you get time.

Explore the World of Yoga

There is a lot of discussion on the web. You can even explore YouTube videos to find more and more about yoga. There are question and answer forums. You can also ask your guide about the questions that come to your mind. Once you get the basic idea, you are ready for the next step.

See The Greener Side of It

Yoga may seem to be difficult initially but you need to see the greener side of it to keep going. Do not consider it as a chore. Find out the poses that make you feel good. Repeat them often during the day to feel great. You may need to stretch and go beyond your comfort zone but try to recollect the good that has come out of it.

What You Sow, So Shall You Reap

You have to be very patient with yourself. You just cannot expect miracles. Practice takes you a long way. Just give yourself ten minutes and watch for yourself. If you persevere you shall reach there.

Well, on talking to one of the trainers at Yotopia, the best yoga center in London, she said that she couldn’t afford private lessons and was so demotivated. She was overweight and unhappy with herself. She just started with some standing and bending exercises and then never thought of looking back. It wasn’t a smooth going but she would always look for the positive side of it. Not only did she improve her appearance but also her state of mind.

So you might be not flexible and having a zero balance but just turn up to the mat and that means that you have already won half the battle.



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