Top Reasons to Practice Yin Yoga

In todays hustle bustle, we don’t have the time to listen to our body and mind. Yin yoga helps us to be still and listen to our inner-self.

Although yin yoga is quite different from other forms of yoga, yet we can create a combination of two or more styles for a fruitful experience. You can feel the peace and change in your mind by practicing over period of time.

We can call the vinyasa form as yang. So the yin and yang put emphasis on different group of muscles.

Why should we practice yin yoga?

Increases flexibility

It stretches deep connective tissues between the muscles thus strengthening them. It increases blood circulation. Increased flexibility makes you more confident.
You can do it anywhere

Just carry your yoga mat wherever you go. You can even do it while watching TV. You can also do it while you are on a tour. You need not go to the class everyday, you can do it at home also.

Leaves you stress free

At present we are living in a crazy world, the world of stress and anxiety. Yin yoga leaves you stress free and help you to switch off your mind. the simple breathing techniques and long stretch of poses gives you enough time to talk to yourself.

It helps you to feel your inner self

In todays busy schedule, we don’t have time to even listen to our self. Our emotions are ignored. During yin yoga, we slow down everything thus getting time to listen to our feelings.

Builds perseverance

Yin yoga helps to build patience and tolerance. When you stress on your breath and focus on your inner feelings, gradually you become more patient. Holding a pose beyond capacity also builds physical and emotional strength.


Yin yoga focuses on breath and asanas. It is more or less meditation. A good yin yoga teacher helps you to keep your mind focused and stops your thoughts from escaping.


Holding a pose can seem to be easy but at times, it can become quite challenging. By accepting this challenge you hold your mind and body and stretching it beyond comfort zone. This builds patience both physically and emotionally.

Yin yoga fosters self-love and you discover your new self. It washes away our fears and fosters love for our selves.


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