Yogalates Classes at Yotopia Yoga Studio in London

Yogalates is a perfect blend of east and west. It mixes the ancient yoga with the western pilates. Yoga has been known to originate around 3000BC but it has suddenly gained a lot of popularity in the 21st century. It has developed new styles and postures making it more interesting and effective than before.

This fusion of yoga and pilates has won many hearts and is now been offered as personalized sessions, weekend workshops, and also as regular classes. Yoga has the ability to strengthen mental clarity, build stamina and also increase flexibility. Yoga also beats stress. It fights depression and uplifts mood. Yoga emphasizes on unison with oneself. Pilates initially helped from recovering from injury and illness. Later on it became popular as a system of muscular skeletal exercises that also assist in injury rehabilitation and helps relieve back problems.

Yogalates embraces the latest research on back care and other exercises. In yotopia these classes are personalized and each client is allowed to work at their own pace and level. Even customized exercises may be recommended and time for relaxation may be extended for some. The levels may also be decided as per individual need and level. Yotopia makes sure that the uniqueness of the client is maintained.

The sessions of yogalates includes exercises to build stamina, flexibility and stability. Attention is paid to build deeper postural core muscles. It promotes pelvic and spinal awareness and builds good posture. The eight limbs of yoga are taken into consideration while doing yogalates. It brings about a balance and unity in body, spirit and mind.

Yogalates is suited for all age groups. It is safe for back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. It is also beneficial for postnatal women. It is an excellent method for fitness. It releases stress and soothes the nervous system. A regular yogalates class can transform your life. It can fight stress, depression and anxiety. A yogalates class is also a good platform to meet new people who think positive. A good yoga teacher can be the source of inspiration. It also helps to fight certain ailments. Yogalates is also known to cure migraine. It makes you fit and also enhances your confidence.

Another benefit of yogalates is weight management. People who constantly practice yoga have lower body mass index and can manage their weight well. Yogalates strenghthens the bones, muscles and promotes flexibility. You can also experience enhanced immunity. The emphasis on breathing and meditation helps to lower your blood pressure. This can also help to reduce certain diseases since some diseases are aggravated by stress. Yogalates also prevents insomnia, heart disease and other stress related diseases.


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