Is Yoga too Expensive?

A good yoga training is worth it. You are getting trained for a lifetime. Although it hurts to see the monthly bill but you may not counting the benefits you are getting out of it. A 20 days class is just for £35.

You must also remember that the trainers also have to keep themselves updated. They also undertake advanced trainings to train you. In fact you must make sure that they update themselves so that you are risk free. You must also share his latest teachings.

Yoga also becomes expensive when every week you walk into a branded store to buy a new colour of tank top. These are clothes and you cannot mix them with yoga. They are not necessary to keep up the practice. Otherwise a Single Class is just for £16.

One of the clients at Yotopia was comparing the cost of his class to the medicines he was taking before he joined it. He was on antidepressants and had multiple other problems. Now he is medication free and is no more on the mercy of doctors. He feels that his yoga class, for which he paid £240 for 20 classes, was almost free.

Another client said that he prefers buying class passes for £70 for 5 classes or 10 classes for £100 rather than buying an electronic gadget. At the end of the class he feels much better and positive. So why waste on these electronic gadgets instead of concentrating on your wellbeing. Instead of putting your money in entertainment category, better put it in health category.

You must measure your priorities. If you value being healthy, strong, taking good care of yourself and if you believe in the benefits of yoga, then you must make it a priority in your life. Your friends might tell you that yoga is expensive, but it is relative. So compare it. Going out for a movie costs the same and you end up gaining nothing. Going out for a drink will not help you much. I think if it is important for you, you will find out a way regardless of anything. So lets change the question from “is yoga class too expensive?” to “how important is a yoga class for you?”


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