Ways to Strengthen your Aura


Lots of sunshine is said to feed and expand the aura. You must make sure that you spend a lot of time outside. Most of the people in this generation suffer from deficiency of Vitamin D since they do not sit in the sun. The offices are also air-conditioned and the body does not get enough fuel to feed the soul. Sunlight acts as a fuel and is extremely healthy for the soul and body.
The sun fills you up with optimism and energy and lots of vitamin D and the nature keeps us grounded.


Swimming in the ocean or soaking yourself in the salt-water bath helps to cleanse the aura and draw out negativity. When this negativity is eliminated, you feel stress free. You don’t have an option of going to the sea, simply give yourself a sea salt scrub before a shower. Not only does it draws out toxins but also removes the dead skin and cleanse your aura. You can also plan to a spa who have salt therapy.

Cold Shower

A cold shower has the power to remove toxins and improve blood circulation. You will immediately feel that your thoughts are clearer and you are filled with more energy. It draws out tension from the body.

Certain Sounds

Certain sounds like singing bowls are known to dissolve negativity. It is recommended to listen to these sounds before going to sleep to improve the overall wellness. Also the sound of “om” eliminates negative energy and improves your aura.

Stay away from Gadgets

Staying to close to electric gadgets also interferes with your body and disturbs its natural rhythm. Make your bedroom an electric free zone. Charge all your gadgets away from your sleeping area. Spending too long time with these gadgets can negatively affect your aura.


The chakras have a direct relationship with your aura. These chakras are energy wheels located in various parts of your body. These chakras are constantly spinning and all are associated with one or the other organ. When a chakra is worked upon, it provides energy to that particular organ. This helps the organ to work properly. Thus keeping your aura positive.

Mind your Company

Be very careful in choosing your friends. You must notice if you are feeling extra low or drained off in a certain situation or with certain people.


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