5 steps Guide to Quantum Yoga

Quantum yoga has additional benefits of visualisation that keeps the soul and body alert. Not only does it tones the muscles but also the internal glands and mind.

Quantum yoga helps the person to gain good health, improved relationship and success. It not only fulfills the physical but also mental and emotional desires of the person. Quantum yoga helps people in bringing out their true potential by discovering their inner self.

quantum yoga-yotopia

Quantum yoga is based on the theory of quantum physics that human body is not just flesh and bones but also has a soul. If the soul is not balanced then it has a direct effect on the physical state of the person leading to illness and diseases. You can maintain a healthy state by controlling your breath and mind through quantum yoga.

You have to follow the quantum sequences regularly except if you are suffering from a particular ailment or if you are unable to understand the steps involved in it.

Guide to quantum yoga

1. Balancing the vata

Vata means air. You have to balance the air, which is responsible for movement of body and mind. Ashtangna is one of the exercises, which helps in strengthening and stabilising the vata.

2. Listen to the sound of birds

The next step involved is listening to the sound of birds and recordings of the shamanic rituals. This step brings the person close to nature.

3. Eight tree vinyasas

In This step the person has to practice the eight tree compositions. These exercises help to connect with nature.

4. Master sequence

This is also a vinyasa that increases the vitality thereby ensuring integrity of mind and body. This posture matches the dancing posture of lord shiva.

5. Seated meditation

The last is the meditation part. You let your body cool down by performing seated meditation like pranayama and bandhas.

Quantum yoga is done like other yoga but the asanas and in rhythm with the breath. In yoga, breath plays a very important role. This is taken care by expert teachers in Yotopia.Quantum yoga postures are very beneficial for all irrespective of their age, culture or sex. If you have certain medical problems, then you can skip a few postures. Quantum yoga helps you feeling positive and de-stressed thus helping you lead a positive and healthy life. Yoga is not only required by your body but also your mind.


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