Yin Yoga Tips and Advice

There are thousands of yoga schools throughout the country; the demand of yoga is growing day by day because of its healing properties. Yoga can cure stress, depression, pains and breathing problems. It not only provides physical benefits but many mental benefits too.The learner should make sure that he goes to a reliable yoga Centre with an expert teacher. If you have any chronic problem, make sure you tell the instructor. You must listen to your body and not push it too hard. Yoga soothes the nerves and calms the mind.


Yin yoga is a form of yoga, which helps you sit longer in meditation by stretching muscles around the joints.  Even exerts who have been practicing yoga for years never learn to understand how to sit in a position for long. With simple additions to your regular yoga regime, you can master the art of sitting for long asana. Yin yoga solves your difficulties in sitting.

Don’t push beyond a point,

Don’t be overconfident. Don’t aim too high. Simply find the joy in doing yoga. We are not doing yoga to prove something. We have to be patient and see our body and mind respond to meditation and yoga. Listen to your body. When you feel uncomfortable, just stop. Tell your instructor if you face any problem. He should also be aware of your ailments.

Breathe properly

Usually people don’t understand the role of breathing in yoga. Breathing is the essence of yoga. If you are not breathing right you wont benefit from it. Hold your breath or pose where required. It trains the mind the power of breath. You have to exhale or inhale as instructed.

Learn to hold

Your instructor might tell you to hold a position for a few minutes. Initially you can start from one minute and progress gradually. A trained person can do it for even five minutes.

Release carefully

Yin yoga is all about holding your body in positions for a long time. Be careful as you come out of that pose since coming suddenly can harm your muscles.

So now you know how to master the art of yoga and stay in asana for a long time. Be careful of your breath and how to come out of the asana. Don’t push yourself beyond your comfort level. Yoga helps in healing many ailments at the same time, trains you to face difficult situations of life by control mechanism.


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