Yoga for Both Brain and Body

Yoga has the power to transform both mind and body. Although we can see the effects of yoga on the body but there are multiple effects, which cannot be seen but felt.Yoga not only helps in physical disorders but also anxiety and many mental disorders. Although yoga evolved from ancient times but even now it has a special place in our life.

Yotopia yoga studio

1. Stress buster

With the many advantages linked to yoga, one is that it fights stress. You also take out some time from your busy schedule and relax. The breathing techniques helps to cool down the mind and de-stress it.

2. Uplifts mood

Yoga helps in improving the mood. Research has proved that people who practice yoga everyday live a happier life. They deal with problems better than others can. Yoga teaches you to keep your thoughts under control.

3. Fights anxiety

People who practice yoga for at least 6 hours a week are seen to have lower levels of anxiety. By fighting anxiety and stress, you can avoid a major disease called depression. Yoga is said to be a good remedy after tragic an event to help cope up.

4. Improves memory

Yoga improves memory and concentration. Yoga increases circulation of the blood thus increasing brain function. It improves focus and concentration. Daily a 25-minutes session is recommended for a healthy living.

5. Keeps you happy

It is obvious, when all your tensions are relieved , you will feel happy. Stress is the basic cause of unhappiness. Yoga and meditation helps you to live in the present and stop thinking about the future and past.An excuse to meet friends.

Yoga is generally performed in groups. You get an excuse to stop thinking about your work and relax for some time with your friends. A good yoga teacher is also a friend. A good teacher keeps counseling as well and shows you the way.

The choice is yours, you want to eat those bitter medicines or choose the mat where you can relax and at the same time cure many ailments. Yoga is proved to cure backache, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, pain and stress. Yoga is very effective during pregnancy. With a mushroom growth of yoga Centre’s all around, you must ensure that you go to an expert.


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