Yoga and its Contribution to a Happy Married Life

It is surprising to note that in a survey it was concluded that second highest reason for divorce is a poor sex life, money being the top one. More than 35 % cases of divorce are due to poor sex life. Where to go and who to ask becomes a task. If you are onewho is living through a sexless marriage, then let me tell you, this article is just meant for you.

Yoga and its Contribution to a happy married life


Yoga improves mental health

It reduces stress and helps sleep better. Sex hormones have an inverse relation with stress hormones. If your stress is high, sex becomes low and vice versa. It alsoUplifts mood. By exercising regularly you will feel a change in your mood. You become more patient. You remain happy in adverse circumstances too.Yoga and meditation helps relieve stress and ultimately resulting in an inner urge or drive.

Yoga Increases self esteem

If you look good you feel good. Yoga not only corrects your posture but also your figure. You feel good and confident. It extends your comfort zone making you a more complete person. You become more friendly and open. If you are fit you feel sensuous and confident in front of your partner.

Improves strength and flexibility

It improves your stamina in bed. Certain positions require strength of limbs. And this can be attained with regular exercise. Certain exercises strengthen pubococcygeus muscle. These muscles contract during orgasm. Thus if you exercise these muscles, which can be done by yoga,it leads to better and consistent orgasm. In men,the results have been superlative. It has helped in treating erectile dysfunction.

Increases circulation

Yoga leads to increased circulation in all the parts of the body including the genital area. This leads to increased desire and thus a better married life.It is not necessary that your appetite for sex is the same as your partners. Yoga has certainly proved to be a blessing for married couples.With high testosterone level there is increase in desire

Partnership yoga

The couple starts communicating using their body. They start knowing each other better day by day. It develops a sense of vulnerability. They start understanding each other’s body language too. It increases spice to their monotonous bedroom life.If you are fit and confident you are likely to enjoy in bed.

Research has proved that people with healthy eating,sleeping and exercising regime are successful life partners concluding that yoga is propitious for a happy married life. Reach the pinnacle of your sexual life by consistent yoga regime. So now what are you waiting for. Check out your nearest yoga centre.


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