5 Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Do Yoga

Athlete or non-athlete, Yoga is the best way to stay fit. Doing 15 minutes of breathing exercises in the morning can add longevity and health to your life. For athletes, it becomes all the more important to indulge in the goodness of Yoga. Specially because –


• Yoga Prevents Injury

– By virtue of their sporty routine, athletes are more prone to injuries. They may even develop chronic joint pains. ACL tear or hamstring stretch is so common! But if athletes practice Yoga daily, they can develop a flexible body and stronger core muscles. Yoga minimizes the risk of injury and keeps their spine aligned.

• The best way to stretch

– You often watch players doing pre-game or post-game stretches. Yoga practitioners are able to stretch in a better way. There are many kinds of stretching Yoga postures that can benefit the athletes like forward bends and revolved crescent is the best stretching exercise for your core and back.

• Better performance

– People have this misconception that gym is a better option to build a strong body. Advanced level of Yoga increases the strength and stamina of athletes and they are able to perform better on the field.

• Focus

– No other fitness routine makes you as conscious as Yoga does! There are certain Yoga postures which are meant specially to work on your focus levels. Athletes have been practicing the Crow pose (Kaakasana) and many other balancing postures of Yoga to take their focus to a new high.

• Calm mind

– Thanks to the Pranaayams or breathing exercises, Yoga helps the athletes develop calmness in their mind. A calm mind makes them put more energy into their game.

All said and done! But it is very important for athletes to decide which form of Yoga would suit them best. If they want to do a high-energy workout through Yoga, they can join Power Yoga class. But if they wish to build their strength and flexibility, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga is also recommended.

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