How Pilates Makes Your Life Better

Pilates is Good for Your Life

If there is one thing, other than Yoga, that has immense benefits; it is Pilates. Pilates is like one fitness form that gives you not just good shape and looks but also a lot of health and happiness.

Here are 10 main reasons for Choosing Pilates over anything else and experiencing a better life –

1. Pilates is very effective in getting stronger core muscles. For fitness-freaks aiming to build 6-pack abs or wanting to reduce belly fat, Pilates is the way to go.

2. Pilates relaxes your mind and helps fight stress. Pilates exercise helps you release endorphins and many other stress-fighting and mood-boosting hormones. Thus, one feels a lot of positive energy throughout the day as well as help in relieving anxiety and depression.

3. Pilates help you build longer and leaner muscles. It also helps to increase flexibility and strength within. A stronger body is the secret of a confident you.

4. For teenagers aiming to increase their height and correct their posture, Pilates is the most effective fitness regime.

5. Pilates is the best way to sweat out and burn more calories. So if you are looking for a cardiovascular exercise to lose weight, join a group Pilates class.

6. Pilates is known to strengthen the gluteal and shoulder muscles as well. Some of its exercises like butt kicks and leg kickbacks that can work to tone up your glutes. In fact, there are many specific exercises in Pilates for inner and outer thigh toning as well.


7. Pilates is suitable for all age groups. Even pregnant women can do it as there are many such exercises which can be done during various phases of pregnancy.

8. Pilates can help you get rid of back pain. There are many exercises and specific techniques which help in the alignment of spine.

9. Researchers have proved that regular Pilates help in improving your memory and enhances the cognitive function of your brain.

10. Pilates is very effective in building mind-body coordination and making your nervous system healthy.

Pilates is indeed the most comprehensive and complete form of fitness that contributes to making you life better.


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