Yotopia’s Urban Tri: Thrice The Fitness; Multiple Times the Fun!

You have tried Combo Meals; now is the time to try Combo Fitness. Yotopia’s Urban Tri is a unique exercise program entailing 45 minutes of Hot Yoga at Yotopia, a 3 mile run with Sweatshop followed by an 8 mile indoor cycling session with BOOM Cycle. What more you need for fitness? Of course, a stamina and passion to be a part of Urban Tri!


The unique idea of Urban Tri has won many followers in London. All these fitness freaks find this idea of indulging in triple dose of fitness once a month, which happens to be usually the first Sunday of each month. The Urban Tri is actually a 2-hour fitness routine that may extend for another 15 minutes or so. The session typically starts at 9.45am in Yotopia with a wonderful Hot Yoga session of 45 minutes.

This Hot Yoga session is a challenge in itself. Hot Yoga is the intense form of Yoga where the practitioners do Yogasanas in a hygienically heated studio room. The artificial heat makes the practitioners sweat a lot, hence many toxins of your body get flushed out. The result is a lighter and glowing you, within just 45 minutes!

After the Hot Yoga class, the challengers of Urban Tri start a 3-mile run from Yotopia’s studio and end it at Boom in Holborn. The 3-mile run would have been an easy task on any other day, but doing it after Hot Yoga session would give you the best results. This is specially a wonderful way to tone your legs.


The final lap of Urban Tri happens at Boom where all the participants do an 8 mile indoor cycling session. The fitness enthusiasts of London love this phase because this is the ultimate test of their stamina. The Boom Cycle staff is there to guide the members and help them stride ahead on their final fitness phase of the day.

Even you can be a part of Urban Tri. All you need is your smartest fitness gear and a will to win! The special instruction given to all members joining the Urban Tri is that they should hydrate themselves properly.

Urban Tri is indeed a very unique concept and you should consider enrolling yourself in it. In fact, this is one of those Sunday when you will lose weight and a lot of fat while gaining immense contentment!


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