How To Practice Yoga at Home

The secret of happy and healthy life, Yoga, is no more a secretive practice. With so many online demos, classes and Video CDs available, people are opting to do Yoga at their home as per their own comfort level and convenient time. Though doing Yoga under some expert trainer’s supervision brings unimaginable benefits, yet it is not possible for everyone to join a specialized Yoga studio.

How to do yoga at home

How to Do Yoga at Home


Whatever be your reason, the Yoga expert team from Yotopia helps you to start your daily yoga practice at home with these tips –

Dedicate one hour for at least 5 days a week

Yoga is so much extensive that you won’t be able to enjoy it until you give 60 minutes a day to it. You can begin by doing for 30 min and then increase it gradually.

60 minutes of dedication

Doing at home does not mean that you will check your cell phone in between or take a round of kitchen for some work! Be religious about your Yoga practice even if you are doing in your home. In fact, it would be better if you keep the same time every day to practice Yoga.

Quietest and calmest corner of the house

Yoga works wonders when you do it in a serene ambiance. If you can practice it in the laws of your house or nearby park, nothing like it! But if open air facility is not available, choose the most comfortable place in your house to spread your mat.

Do it empty stomach

Yoga, like other fitness exercises, should be done on an empty stomach.

Initial stretches and preparatory movements

Do not forget to warm up with initial stretches and preparatory movements like forward bending, backward bending and side bending.

Go with the flow and Power

Yoga practice follows a flow. Like if you are doing sitting asanas, you should do them all in a row so that your body finds the momentum. Similarly, if you are doing balancing postures, do those one after another. Doing a Chakrasasana (Wheel Pose) followed by Vriksasana (Tree pose) would tire your body and yield no result!

Try variety of yoga postures everyday

You can divide your Yoga hour in stretching postures, balancing postures and breathing exercises. To make it more intense, you can go for squats and lunges as well. You can search for postures according to your body type and practice them more often than others. Do not forget to stay in all such postures for at least 30 to 60 seconds.

For all those people who are self-disciplined, Yoga at home is a great choice. For everyone else, Yotopia’s trainers are always there to guide you towards a healthier, slimmer and fitter you!

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