How Much is the Contribution of a Yoga Trainer in Your Fitness?

Yoga is an art and an ideal Yoga trainer brings out the best expressions in you. Yoga is a science and the same ideal yoga trainer will make you understand the whats, whys and hows of every posture. But what makes a Yoga trainer ideal and how much is his or her contribution in your fitness?

The favorite Yoga trainers of London who are taking some of the most popular Yoga classes in Yotopia are here to share their views on how a Yoga trainer can make a difference by walking an extra mile for their trainees –

1.  Detailing and Precision

–Yoga is something that needs to be explained in every detail. Not just where your foot should be and how high your leg should be; but also how and when should you breathe in or breathe out! A precise and detailed Yoga trainer will make you feel the real aspects of a Yoga posture.

Detailing and Precision

Yoga postures in detail by a professional yoga trainer.

2.  Motivational Skills

– Yoga can be very tough and daunting for a beginner. Someone who is new to Yoga may not do even the basic postures like Tadasana or Hastpadatan asana properly! This is where a Yoga trainer will help. He or she, owing to his knowledge and experience will make you stretch in these postures only as much as it is possible for you in the beginning. He will make you do some warm-up exercises in the start which will increase your flexibility. This is how he will motivate you for the advanced Yoga postures.

Motivational Skills

A perfect yoga teacher will increase your flexibility with different yoga postures.

3.  Communication Skills

– Being knowledgeable is one thing; ability to transfer and communicate this knowledge is another. What good is that Yoga trainer who can strike headstand or handstand within seconds but isn’t able to share with you the technique of doing that. It is because of good communication skills of a Yoga trainer that everyone in the class is able to learn the right technique which is very important in Yoga.

Communication Skills

Yoga teacher should have good communication skills.

4.  Discipline & Energy

– A trainer has to be disciplined himself to make the class dedicate their 60 minutes or 90 minutes fully and passionately to the Yoga practice. He has to be strict enough to melt down your inner resistance against the tougher postures. And he has to be energetic enough to make you enjoy every single minute of the Yoga session.


Yoga practice with Discipline and Energy.

5.  Fun & Innovation

– Now, this is rare! Yoga has so much variety that an innovative Yoga trainer will present you different postures every day. His approach to Yoga will enthuse lightness in the class and you would have fun doing all such yoga postures even when your muscles are cramping with pain.


You would have fun doing different yoga poses.

London and Yotopia is blessed to have such trainer who love Yoga and will also make you fall in love with the wonderful science of well-being and fitness.


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