The Benefits of Reggae & Dub Yoga

yoga benefits

    Top benefits of yoga in our daily life.

  • The rhythm of your body with the rhythm of Reggae and Dub music – what a combination! This unique experience is called Reggae & Dub Yoga which does wonders to your body and fitness especially if the Yoga is focused on your body chakras. Yotopia, London’s top favourite Yoga studio had earlier organized a Reggae & Dub Chakra-Asana Hot Yoga Workshops under the expert guidance of charismatic Yoga trainer Stewart Gilchrist. The workshops were a huge success as the participants enjoyed striking rhythm in their body through Yoga postures while the instrumental remixes resonated drum and bass parts beautifully.
  • Talking about the amazing benefits of Reggae & Dub Yoga class, isn’t it all self-evident in the very name of the workshop! First of all, it was a Hot yoga workshop. Yotopia’s state-of-the-art Yoga studio is conducive for Hot yoga as the room is hygienically heated with just the right level of air and ventilation. So even if you are sweating crazily, your body is at ease. Whatever discomfort happens throughout the Yoga class because of heated-up ambiance, it will help your body release the toxins through sweat.

Amazing pose of hot yoga by a girl.

  • Doing Hot Yoga and focusing on your chakras through various asanas is something which will benefit you in the long run. These chakras are the energy centers of your body and you can control your body’s energy level by doing some relevant asanas. Doing this type of yoga with an expert trainer ensures that you experience a kind of flow in your body in the tradition of Pure Vinyasa Yoga, from the root to the thousand petals, from Samastiti to Shavasana.
  • The additional element  is a super delight for fitness enthusiasts as this kind of exotic music makes the class an exciting place to be. Moreover as we all know, the whole world moves with a vibration. The music impacts our senses and body chakras too. Reggae & Dub music is a kind of energy-enthusing music and doing Hot Yoga asanas with this music will enliven you up for days to come.
Reggae & Dub Yoga workshops at yotopia.

Reggae & Dub Yoga workshops at Yotopia yoga studio.

  • Yotopia, being an innovative name for Fitness and Yoga lovers of London, continues to bring such new things more often. Stay tuned as the premium Yoga club gears up to bring the bass right on to your mat again as the Reggae rhythm resonates in your heart and the Dub beautifies you within.

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