Whys and Hows of Handstand Yoga

handstand yoga pose

Perfect Handstands Yoga Pose

Who wouldn’t want a glowing face, a balanced and coordinated body, shining and strong hair, a toned body and a cheerful persona? Yeah we all want it. Now the good News is that you can get all this with just one Yoga posture which you should practice daily. And that is – the Handstand.

To begin with, a Handstand is different to Headstand (originally called Sheershasana). Headstand is traditional yoga while Handstand is more of Acro Yoga. Though they both offer similar benefits, yet the Handstand does more wonders to your upper body.

What is Handstands Yoga

A Handstand involves taking your entire body up balancing it on your two hands which are kept flat on the floor. Staying upside down brings a lot of benefits for your body.

  1. First of all, it encourages blood circular to the core of your head. Hence a glowing face and stronger hair!
  2. Balancing your entire body on your arms will definitely make your upper body super strong and muscular. No gym exercise can match the strength gained in this one exercise.
  3. You end up learning the art of balancing emotions and feelings also while learning to balance your body.

Now the question is – when a single Handstand posture is so beneficial, why we don’t see more people doing or practicing it? The answer lies in our comfort zone. We seldom try to challenge ourselves and assume some exercises as impossible. A Handstand is not at all impossible and you can do it yourself with some practice under expert Yoga/Acroyoga trainer.

Some Handstands Yoga Poses


Handstands Yoga On Carpet

Handstands Yoga On Carpet

There must be many write-ups on Google detailing how to do a Handstand yourself. These write-ups would narrate the technique or even encourage you to do it by taking your legs upwards against a wall initially. There are various yoga centers that are different in this aspect. No amount of words or written rules can help you practice or master Handstand. For this, you will have to join a Yoga class and learn the technique from a skilled trainer.

Learning and doing Handstand with a proper technique has many benefits. First, it will save you from all kinds of injuries which you can experience while doing it yourself or even against a wall.

Handstand Yoga Pose - Support with the Wall

Handstand Yoga Pose – Support with the Wall

Secondly, striking a perfect Handstand is no fluke! Only with regular practice and right technique can one person achieve a perfect Handstand. And if you want that, you already know the place where to begin!


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