A Valentine For The Love of Life!

While the whole celebrates the day of love by gifting something special to their beloved, you can stand out in the crowd gifting your beloved and yourself an entry to the special and exclusive Yoga Medication workshop at Yotopia. Now what makes this the best gift? Simply the fact that all other gifts like roses, chocolates, diamonds or dinner date would give him or her pleasure for a while. The benefit of Valentine Mediation class will be cherished for long and the experience would make you and your beloved truly happy. No wonder, the theme of this Valentine Meditation class is kept as – Loving Kindness on this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day Yoga in London

Valentine’s Day Yoga at Yotopia, London

So what would you and your partner do in this one-hour workshop? And how would it change your life for better? First of all, the every experience of doing a love-filled Yoga class sounds romantic. And secondly, the real love goes beyond physical intimacy and relationship.

This is what you will end up discovering through this Valentine’s special workshop at Yotopia.

The meditation workshop will begin with a gong bath which is a form of sound therapy meant to introduce love and kindness in your being through therapeutic music. The Gong Bath is done without water as your entire self will be taking a bath in sound waves. You will be lying on your mats in this state-of-the-art Yoga studio and experiencing a different kind of music as the sounds of Himalayan & crystal bowls, chimes, drums, rattles and drones vibrate around you and finally within you.

People who have done Gong Bath earlier have experienced a wonderful balance between their physical, emotional and spiritual self. On the physical level, such music is meant to impact our cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine and immune systems in a positive manner. On an emotional front, the Gong therapy would relieve you of many negative feelings like depression, fatigue, anger and hostility.

special Yoga for Valentine's day

Romantic Yoga Pose by Couples

Taking this session with your partner would be an absolute indulgence in love. The music would take both of you on a new journey where you discover the real beauty of your relationship and encompass a kind attitude towards each other’s limitations and natural traits.

So can there be a better way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day than reveling in the glory of Yoga and Gong sounds you and your partner feel a resonance and rhythm in your bodies that will touch you deep down bringing you closer to each other!


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