Prenatal Exercises – Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Best Yoga Exercises to Do While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is the most special time in the life of a woman. As she gets ready to experience motherhood, her body also experiences many changes. It becomes imperative for pregnant women to do some or other exercise. Most of the women choose to walk; the smart ones opt for Prenatal Yoga classes since the whole world has realized how beneficial the practice of yoga is to prepare your mind and body for labour and birth.

Health and Medical research has proved that regular sessions of Yoga can keep your body active and supple minimizing the common problems of morning sickness and constipation. Practicing Yoga can make your body flexible and also help in smooth delivery by relieving tension around the cervix.Yoga is also an ideal way of keeping fit during pregnancy. It also helps in toning your muscles and improving the balance and blood circulation.

Ujjayi Breath During Pregnancy

Ujjayi Breathing Exercise During Pregnancy

Though the main benefit of Yoga is one’s command over breathing which can be learnt and strengthened through exercises like Alom-Vilom and Ujjayi. Ujjayi is all about breathing in slowly through your nose, filling your lungs completely and then exhaling fully while compressing your stomach. Regular practice of Ujjayi helps to calm your mind and comes handy during labour pain.

anulom-vilom pranayama during pregnancy

Anulom-Vilom Pranayama During Pregnancy

Alom-Vilom on the other hand involves breathing in through left nostril and breathing out from the right nostril and then repeating it from other side.

Squats Yoga Exercise During Pregnancy

Squats Yoga Exercise During Pregnancy

There are different yoga exercises for different months of pregnancy. Like in the first three months of pregnancy, one should do more standing Yoga postures like Squats because this will help to make your legs strong and generate energy by reducing leg cramps.

The next three months of pregnancy should be used to practice poses which increase your strength and help in preventing fatigue. It is very important to avoid any such exercises that tire you; rather the pregnant women should focus more on meditation and breathing exercises in these months.

Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Exercises

Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Exercises

Yoga in last three months should have more standing poses and very little of twisting or bending poses as your bigger belly would not let you do any such thing.

The most important thing to note is that Prenatal Yoga should always be done under a certified expert as your body is in critical condition and even a single wrong or unsuitable posture can create long-lasting problems. Meet the expert yoga trainers at Yotopia who would offer you customized yoga postures and pilates keeping your pregnancy condition and body requirement in mind.

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