Go for Bikram Yoga – Knowing its Super 7 Aspects!

Bikram Yoga is the buzzword with fitness freaks all over the world. Yoga as such has been gaining popularity in last two decades for its amazing benefits in achieving fitness and contributing to overall health and wellness. Perceived as a complete fitness product in recent times, Bikram Yoga has no parallel when it comes to stretching, detoxifying, relieving stress, toning, and healing many kinds of muscular pains. Losing weight and slimming happens way too wonderfully and with a long-term impact. Bikram Yoga is one of the form derived from Hot Yoga. But before you enroll for Bikram Yoga, here is a super 7 list that would help you understand the wonderful world of this new fitness format –

It’s Going To Be Hot

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is done in a sauna hot room where the temperature might be more than 100 degree! Though these rooms are properly ventilated and have a steady flow of oxygen, it is very important to adept to the temperature because this heat is going to do wonders to your system and get your heart pumping.

Hydrate Yourself

Drink Water

Drink Excessive Water

You need to increase your water intake when you enroll for a Bikram Yoga class. Start taking 2-3 liters of water daily and some different types of drinks like vegetable juices and coconut water.

Results Will Come

26 Bikram Yoga Poses

26 Bikram Yoga Poses

90 minutes of workout. 26 set postures. 2 breathing exercises. Sure shot results. That’s how Yoga experts sum it up. Bikram Yoga will definitely help you achieve your desired fitness level by sweating out toxins, stretching muscles, and improving circulation throughout the body.


Yoga Displicine

Yoga Needs Displicine

It is very important to be regular for Bikram Yoga and avoid missing classes. Because the body when adjusts with heat should continue in the rhythmic manner. So show up regularly and go for it with full focus.

Dress Smartly

Yoga Dress

Perfect Yoga Dress

Just because you are going for Yoga doesn’t mean you to dress in a less glamourous manner. In fact, buy yourself some nice fitness gear as you will find the trendiest people of London in your Bikram Yoga class.

Don’t overdo

Stretching in Bikram Yoga

Don’t overdo the stretching

Some postures in Bikram Yoga would result in a lot of discomfort in the beginning. Expert suggestion is to go with the flow and don’t overdo the stretching part. You will learn the right way sooner or later.

Let it Sweat

Bikram Yoga Sweat

Bikram Yoga Sweat

Once your body starts sweating, don’t wipe it off with a towel or anything. Let the toxins flow out and enjoy the body’s self-regulation mechanism.


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