Care for some Yoga Poses & Perfection?

Yoga pose

The grace of holding a Yoga pose is much more than the joy of weight loss. Because ultimately, it’s the fitness of body that counts. And nothing else vouches for your fitness and wellness more than the way you can hold a Yoga Pose.

Yoga has been regarded as the best fitness form for last one decade. Though the world is experiencing tremendous variations like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yogalates (a combination of Yoga and Pilates), Dynamic Yoga, Hatha Yoga and the classical Vinyasa; each form lays stress on doing Yoga poses correctly. In fact, the goodness of Yoga lies in understanding the intricacies of each pose and holding it for required time. Touch and go doesn’t work in Yoga.

That’s why Yoga enthusiasts of London has been looking for such expert Yoga trainers who can guide them through an asana by detailing everything about the body movement in that pose and also about the breathing rhythm. Whether you are just a beginner in Yoga practice or have been doing it for some time, it is important to understand the crux of each yoga posture. It is this understanding that will result in fitness and vibrancy.

Like when you do a Sheershaasana (Head-stand), the posture requires you to maintain the balance of your body in 90 degrees and there is a proper technique of doing this aasana. Similarly, the Chakraasana (Wheel-pose) or the Veerbhadraasana (Warrior pose)! One needs to strike an equilibrium between the body, mind and breathe while doing these Yoga poses. Secondly, it is very important to realize what body part should be stretched while doing any yoga pose. The Bow pose in yoga is meant to stretch your arms and thighs while the Boat pose works on your abs and crunches! If you are so fond of doing Yoga poses with perfection, can you afford to train under a novice?

For all those people who crave to have Yoga Posture and Perfection in their fitness regime, Yotopia is the place to be. London’s most dedicated Yoga studio and its expert Yoga team will take you on this journey of Yoga perfection. Flexibility, Fitness and Fineness of your body postures in daily life – these are some of the apparent changes you will see in yourself within one month of joining Yotopia. Weight-loss and inch-loss will happen in more ways than you expected!


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