Pilates – The Right Way. The Right Impact.


Fitness researches have finally unveiled the reason why half of the world hasn’t been able to achieve the desired fitness level in spite of all the efforts. Either they have been doing the wrong exercises or they are doing right exercises in the wrong manner! Don’t we often see a lady with bulging stomach but leaner muscles overall running on treadmill for an hour or so? While the person with heavy lower body is generally seen doing abs, dipsor crunches! Both of them are missing something important in their workout – Focus! This is where Pilates scores top rank. It focuses on just the right area and brings the very right impact. Now, may we suggest the right place to do Pilates too!

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Yotopia – London’s finest and most hygienic Yoga and Pilates training studio. Here, you can experience the most advanced, most intense, downright focused and very impactful Pilates classes. In fact, Yotopia is the place to hit to clear the biggest myth about Pilates – Pilates is not just about your abs workout; it involves toning and strengthening your whole body.

Yotopia Pilates Studio

Yotopia Yoga Studio

Yotopia is one of those exclusive studios which offer Hot Pilates sessions also. Hot Pilates Class is done in an oxygen-rich ‘hot & humid’ room where temperature is raised to detoxify your body through excessive sweating. To begin with, you can opt for Dynamic Pilates class or Yogalates which combines the best of both worlds – Yoga and Pilates. On some days, you might experience Pilates with weights as well meant for increasing upper body strength.

Whatever class you join, the benefits will be endless. A toned body, a flat tummy, increased strength, reduced stress and a youthful look – these are just some of the initial results one can achieve. Carry on with Pilates classes for longer time and see the miraculous boost in your body efficiency and well-maintained bone density. All those celebrities you see with six-pack or eight-pack abs have gone through the Pilates route. In fact, it is not just to thin your waistline and develop stronger core muscles that you should be vying to do Pilates. Your whole body tones up and acquires grace with regular Pilates practice.

Doing it under expert trainers of Yotopia will give you many additional benefits like strengthening your spine and focusing on the right muscle with right exercise. Trainers at Yotopia will make you pay attention to stabilizing your muscles which is the crux of Pilates. And it’s not just your fitness level that will get raised with Yotopia’s Pilates, your confidence will hit sky-high!


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