Yoga- Ideal means for Relaxation

Yoga for relaxation

Undeniably one very common characteristic of the people with the modern day lifestyle is stress. Irrespective of one’s profession in today’s fast paced world, stress has emerged as an integral part of one’s day to day life. But the fact is that one really cannot afford to neglect it given the serious health implications of stress. So, thereby using yoga to achieve relaxation and combating stress or other psychological conditions is indeed an brilliant means to regain control over your body and health.

Well, there are some yogic techniques or poses which can be effectively performed in order to produce a more relaxed state of mind and body.

Performing Hatha Yoga

It is basically the term representing the most popular traditional yoga styles. Firstly, performing hatha yoga can be quite handy in order to get started with yoga practice and moving further onto the more advanced styles. It constitutes of executing a number of yoga movements performed in a sequential order coupled with proper breathing and mental concentration.

Performing Lotus Pose

The Lotus Pose in yoga is also one of the best asanas that are ideal for experiencing a state of deep relaxation. It is also quite convenient to get started with this pose at home. You can start over in a seated position with your legs crossed, in a manner that your left foot is resting on your right thigh. After that your hands should be kept on your knee with palms facing upwards, forming a circle with your index finger and thumb. This pose is primarily associated with yoga meditation.

Performing Corpse Pose

This Pose is among the most relaxing yoga positions that one can ever hope for. It is certainly perfect for anyone practicing yoga for the sole purpose of relaxation. This pose is basically a combination of the supine or lying position, thereby making it possible to perform it directly against the floor or on your yoga mat.

It also needs to be considered carefully that proper body position is a must while performing this pose. This implies that your feet must fall naturally with your arms being on either sides of your body. Then you need to turn your palm upwards, keeping them in a natural calm state.

Breathing Exercises

Proper breathing is crucial for attaining relaxation and stress relief. In fact one of the major benefits of yoga is to teach brilliant methods to perform breathing exercises which greatly enable you to release tension and calm your nerves.


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