Morning Yoga- Doing Wonders to your Health

Yoga in Bed

Let me ask you to think about the first thing you typically do after getting up in the morning? Is it heading straight to the bathroom or may be getting yourself a glass of coffee. Well, these are certainly some of the most commonly observed and also the most reasonable sounding morning schedules that people usually follow. We would still like to recommend you an excellent alternative option in the form of “Wake Up Yoga”.

As a matter of fact the morning yoga routine is a snappy workout plan which can be done in the bed within a mere 15 minutes. Besides granting general wellbeing this morning yoga routine also aims to prepare your mind for a long day of work along with making your entire body feel energized. Apart from that this routine can also be included as an integral part of your weight reduction strategy.

So, let’s review the entire morning yoga routine or procedure in a step by step manner:

Yoga in Bed – Warm Up

You can begin with putting all the cushions, bolsters and sofas. In case you feel more convenient with something under your head, then utilize a flat pillow. But also remember that your head should not be much higher than your body. Then hug your knees to your chest and on a slow pace move them from side to side and subsequently move them in circle a few times. Then of course you should endeavor to synchronize your breathing with your movement.

Yoga In Bed – Spinal Twist

Bring your knees once again to the center and stretch your arms out in the T position. Breathe in profoundly, and as you gradually breathe out, move your knees to the right until the side of your right leg touches the mattress. Keep on breathing at a gradual pace besides keeping your knees in accordance with the hips. Do whatever it takes not to let your left shoulder lift up from the mattress. Turn your head to the left and stay in this stance for a moment. By and by, bring your knees once again to focus and rehash the posture on the inverse side.

Benefits: This particular yoga pose mitigates one’s backache, sciatica and discomfort in the hips apart from greatly improving digestive system.


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