Yoga- Effective remedy for digestive disorders

Yoga- Effective remedy for digestive disorders

There is no denying the fact that digestive problems aren’t fun at all but are quite troublesome. So, whether one is generally feeling bloaty or nauseous or simply clogged up, the pain and uneasiness related to the indigestion can truly ruin your day. However, there are many over-the-counter, prescription solutions & remedies for indigestion and chronic conditions (like irritable bowel disease), majority of people are hesitant to use them for their precarious side effects.

Naturally most of the people try and prefer resorting to a safer and a more effective alternative like Yoga. Well, while yoga is no way a miracle cure, it is indeed one of those comprehensive alternatives. This is primarily because there are certain yoga poses leading to increase in the flow of oxygenated blood to those organs responsible for energizing the intestinal muscles and speeding up the absorption of nutrients and disposal of metabolic waste. Besides, as stress levels have been closely associated with an aggravation in gastroinstestinal distress, the mindfulness involved in yoga can aid in mind and body relaxation and thereby relieving stress.

So, let’s take a look at some of the yoga sequences which can effectively help you in minimizing digestive disorders:

1. Mountain Pose

Start by standing with your hands at your sides or clasped in front of your heart. Also, remember to keep the inner sides of your big toes touching besides your heels slightly apart. Then, keep your pelvis tilted a bit forward to engage the abdominals and the fronts of your thighs lifted. Then, just breathe deeply holding the the pose for five to six breaths.

2. Standing Side Bend

Simply from Mountain Pose, inhale, in a way sweeping your arms out to the sides and then up. After that, tighten through your core, right from your upper abdomen to your thighs. Don’t lean forward or back but sideways instead. Visualize of forming a ‘C’ shape and hold the pose.

3. Cobra

Return to neutral spine. Just inhale and step backwards into a plank position to form a straight line right from your heels towards the back of your head. Then you need to exhale apart from smoothly and slowly bending your arms, lowering yourself to the point your chest, hips and the fronts of your legs are pressed against the floor. Subsequently, inhale and straighten your arms, lifting your torso up. You ideally have to hold this position for several breaths.


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