Leading a Healthy Lifestye with Inculcation of Yoga in our Daily Routine

Yoga Retreat

It is indeed true that soundness of our body is extremely vital to lead a cheerful and long life. Then it is a fact that one’s well-being is lot more valuable than the riches of the world. Yet sadly, in the pursuit of hoarding riches individuals have a tendency to disregard the significance of well-being and the things required to maintain it. Individuals slog hard for years without consuming enough or junk like food items which are unable to render the adequate and optimum nourishment to the body.

Unfortunately they reach a point when their circulatory strain overpowers, electrocardiogram shows a debilitating heart and one finds pulling off the simplest of the physical tasks. This is the time one does not have any other resort but to consult a doctor who encourages you to exercise, alter your eating methodology or may be take a long holiday and visit a health & wellness resort.  As expected such wellness resorts follow a strict regimen by correcting our routine, diet and of course yoga and meditation. All this makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to resume back to your unhealthy lifestyle. So, isn’t it better, prudent to inculcate certain elements like practice of yoga, following the right diet and routine in our day to day lives.

To begin with you would require to master the art of unwinding yourself to derive maximum benefits from your yoga schedule.


So, right before you take a seat for contemplation it is best to unwind your body and psyche. Just opt for a calm and serene place in the house which is free from the external noise. You may play a delicate, alleviating instrumental, conceptual or traditional music which can be ideal as overall the brain may be occupied to take after the music with the expressions of the tune.  To begin with, you first make your body firm. Hold your clench hands hard, contract and tighten each muscle of your body as hard as possible. Take two full breaths in that position. At that point gradually let go all the snugness from your body.

Then subsequently you can start with the other yoga poses which can aid you in  fighting against diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Insomnia, Diabetes, Obesity and many more chronic diseases. Pranayam helps improve our respiration or breathing capability and keep all sort of breathing issues at bay. Meditation enhances our brain strength manifolds besides widening our spiritual vision towards life and society.


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