Best Pilates moves to develop Core Strength


It is indeed a universal fact that exercise yields wonderful results for our body. Then of course anyone who’s even remotely familiar with the term yoga knows that it is a form of an exercise which encompasses the body, mind and spirit. Well, it should also be noted that traditional mode of exercise which rely heavily on weight training or cardiovascular activities interestingly share another commonality with yoga that is both are dependent on a strong core in order to attain best outputs.

Core training’s major focus lies in strengthening the trunk, spine besides rendering a superb looking midsection and maintenance of long term health. Then not to forget that the strength of the core muscles is instrumental as it acts as a base on which all things happen and function. There are numerous core yoga poses which are reckoned as “the basics” in any yoga practice. So, let’s review some of the pretty basic Pilates and yoga moves which can be performed anytime of the day.



Pilates Hundred Pose

Probably, hundred is one of the most effective form of yogic exercise for the core. Just begin by lying down on your mat and pushing in a great amount of breath. While exhaling, position your head and shoulders up off the mat so that both arms are in line with your body, and the palms are facing down. Such a position by default engages the core. After that bring your feet above the mat in a position that you are staring at your toes. So along with swiftly inhaling and exhaling, beat your arms straight up and down and also pumping your legs.

Daily Core Strengtheners in form of Plank


The plank is one of the great moves one can perform to strengthen your middle besides can be conveniently done anywhere. Just begin your morning by putting your body in traditional push up pose and ensure that the shoulders are in line with your neck without reaching past your hands. Put your feet together in a way that they touch and flex your core, thighs, and arms. Try as much to hold this position for long as you can and keep on repeating.


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