Tips to keep common Yoga related Injuries at Bay

Yoga Injuries

Well injuries are a part and parcel of sports or any physical form of an exercise. The same holds true with the practice of yoga as well especially when it is not done under the surveillance of a trainer or without proper guidance. Despite the fact that yoga is instrumental in attaining a flurry of benefits like flexibility, strength, reduced tension, stress and anxiety, yoga also brings along a number of injuries if not practiced properly. Also a lot many people injure themselves as a result of pushing themselves way too far or simply unable to align their bodies properly while holding poses.

Shoulder, wrist, knee and hamstring injuries are the most common ones among the yoga related injuries. So, therefore by clearly comprehending these most common and likely types of yoga-related injuries you can implement the steps to avoid their occurrence.

Wrist Injuries

Wrist Pain

To minimize any probability of injuries in poses like downward dog, plank, you should spread your fingers wide and align your wrist crease with the top of the mat. Then go on pressing into the knuckles that meet your hand in order to have a secure grip on the ground and further pressing the fingertips down for more support. During the Plank pose keep your arm in one line along with the wrist underneath the elbow and the elbow underneath the shoulder to avoid other injuries as well.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injury

This is one of the most frequently occurring injuries as a majority of people are very stiff in that area of the body and thereby making one prone to injury. Then of course performing the shoulder stands and headstands, in particular, before warming up is another crucial mistake which makes stretching and strengthening the shoulders all that more important. Also by shrugging one seizes using the supporting muscles in the neck, shoulders thereby making the shoulders compressed further leading to muscle injuries.

Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring Injury

There is indeed a basic way out to keep away such injuries by keeping the knees slightly bent while doing folds and Downward Dog rather than forcibly keeping the legs straight or the heels touching the ground, respectively. Apart from that it will also prevent lower back strain, especially when maintaining a straight spine at the same time.

Knee Injuries

Knee Injury

Well to keep any injuries to your delicate knees at bay, you need to ensure your hips are flexible enough before trying the positions like lotus, and make sure your knee is above the ankle in positions like Warrior.

Lower back Injuries

Lower back Injury

It is also among the most commonly occurring yoga injury. According to the experts lower back injury occurs due to the rounding of the spine while performing poses like down dog and forward folds.


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