Practice Yoga regularly for Effective Relief from Asthma

Yoga for Ashtma

Yoga as we all know renders tremendous benefits for all its followers from all age groups. Well, practicing yoga regularly under the guidance of an expert can even be quite effective and beneficial for people with asthma. So let’s find out yoga can be instrumental in curing asthma and also learn some specific exercises to be performed by the asthmatic people to derive maximum benefits:

Proper Breathing Technique via yoga
It has often been observed that asthmatics mouth breath or focus majorly on the inhalation. Well both these tendencies are troublesome. Yogic breathing, pranayama guides one about the proper use of their diaphragm, rib cage, chest and nasal cavity to transport oxygen efficiently to the body along with releasing the carbon dioxide. So, asthmatics primarily need to focus on the exhalation thereby training the lungs to completely empty, before inhaling besides strengthening the lungs as well.

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Poses for Asthma Relief

1. Chest openers enhance lung space and improve posture. Back bending poses like Cobra, Fish pose and Pyramid pose are all effective chest openers.

2. Poses involving coordinate movement with the breath are also quite effective. Poses such as standing in Mountain pose and raising the arms overhead on the inhale aids one in becoming conscious of their breath, its rhythms, and proper breathing mechanism.

3. Twists for instance simple seated twist or Marichiyasana III foster in spinal length and flexibility along with toning the side body.

Let’s review the pranayama exercises which are handy for asthmatics:
1. Observing the Breath: Simply keep lying in the Corpse pose with your eyes closed and hands placed on your chest and your abdomen. After that just monitor your breath by feeling and listening to it whether it is rough, smooth, fast, slow etc.

2. Exhale Lengthening: While breathing just focus on softening your inhaling and extending the exhaling. Keep counting while performing to improve.

3. Breathing with Pursed Lips: This exercise is totally dedicated to the exhale. Inhale softly via your nose then simply exhale through pursed lips which implies blowing the breath in out in a steady stream. Pause and then keep on repeating.


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