Do you have apprehensions regarding Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga

It is certainly an unending debate as to whether Hot Yoga (Wikipedia) is beneficial or downright dangerous. Well, the bottom line is that Hot Yoga with set sequences (Bikram yoga) and Hot Yoga with a Slow Flow, all comprise of their own set of benefits, but there are a few key precautions which must be adhered to while practicing Hot Yoga in any form.

So, let’s start by taking a look at the most sought after benefits associated with Hot yoga.

Possible Benefits:

1) It’s a full fledged workout

  • Body applies itself harder to expend more calories
  • Resting metabolic rate increases

It is certainly a wonderful news for the people on a look out for yoga as a part of their “work out” routine. One has to sweat in a lot more calories and work harder while exercising in a humid and highly heated room.
The only possible precaution here is just like any other exercise program performed in similar conditions. One just needs to stay hydrated before, during and after your session and acclimatization to the heat can be quite handy.

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2) Improved flexibility of the muscles and connective tissue

It is a universal fact that human beings find it much easier to stretch after a warm up session rather than stretching when your muscles and soft tissues are cold. So, practicing yoga in a hot, humid room makes it convenient to get into the poses which demand greater flexibility.

Here the possible precaution being the protection of the integrity of the joints and ligaments.

Bikram Yoga

3) Detoxification

  • Sweating indeed possess traces of toxins which are eliminated
  • Opening the pores via sweating clears away the pores of the skin
  • Getting deeper into your poses can greatly aid in enhancing circulation during that time in those organs which are responsible for detoxifying our body such as the liver and kidneys.

Probable precaution in case you suffer from a heart disease is exercising in a hot, humid room causes the heart to work much harder. This can cause much extra stress on the heart and circulatory system thereby putting you at a risk of cardiac event.

Possible Dangers:

  • Muscles cannot extract oxygen as efficiently as they do at lower temperatures
  • Energy production is vastly decreased
  • Circulatory system suffers which restricts heart’s capacity to deliver oxygenated blood to the muscles in time.

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