Practice Yoga to Develop the Inner Calm

Yoga pose

Everyone has most likely been in a situation when they were overwhelmed with a feeling of anxiety, stress and were unable to calm down. Probably at that time you might have even tried to calm down by taking a few deep breaths. Well, this is indeed the best instance of the role of yoga in our daily lives as breathing is actually a major part of yogic practices. In fact it clearly indicates how effectively yogic techniques can work in our daily life to transform our emotions from negative and anxious to positive and calm.

Then of course the regular practice of yoga in your life can act as a motivation and booster in any sphere of your life. One certainly begins to develop a positive outlook on life apart from dealing with stress and anxiety in a calm and composed manner. Not only that but yoga has also been sought after to cater to depression and bipolar disorder and the numerous symptoms related to mood swings, anxiety, stress, anger and fatigue. In case of children too, yoga can be handy in learning to cope up with intense emotions, controlling their actions sans any frustration and anger. As a matter of fact Yogic practices with the blend of postures, breathing practices,  meditation techniques gradually teaches practitioners, children, and adults the art of gaining control of one’s body and mind (Also see: 15 Health Benefits of Yoga).

Yoga on a beach

Well technically speaking, Yoga aids one in releasing energy blockages within the chakras located at the navel, the heart and the throat region. It enables energy to flow freely thereby rendering a feeling of vitality and rejuvenation. Yoga has an impact on the endocrine system and body organs leading to overall positive hormonal changes in the body. This is what is responsible for the flow of positive emotions in the body. So, in the nutshell we can conclude that yoga is a sort of a tool which aids you in leading your life with less fuss and any emotional turmoil.


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